Never before. The first unbroken paddle from the source of the Blue Nile to the sea.
A perilous voyage of courage and discovery. Follow the expedition right here.

All about the great Nile adventureThe reason for the expeditionThe route from Lake Tana to the seaTreasures, secrets, riddles & legends along the wayThe abundance of dangers from crocodiles to banditsTiming is everythingThe latest news & updates from the expeditionAll about the intrepid team of adventurers Info on the movieBecome a part of the expedition without having to elude hipposDon't be a stranger

The Colours of the Nile team has completed the first unbroken paddle from source to sea!

For updates about their adventures and the results from water quality testing click here.

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Egyptian image spectacular on your screen!

Mark Tanner and Les Jickling 2013